For real, how can someone be this likable ..?

What a cool adult he has become to use formal speech towards
Everyone, please give Seventeen’s Round and Round a listen, seriously I’m wiping my tears off
“Thank you (formal speech)”
Seungkwan: You will shine this world

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Woozi really pays attention to the slightest detail, he’s so meticulous… When he was still a trainee, he said he really hated the fact that his recording director was always beating him down (t/n: figuratively) so he promised himself to never become like that. Ever since he debuted until now, he always acts so kind to the members when recording, and it’s so nice to see. When it’s his own birthday, he wrote a song for Carats and when it was the fandom’s birthday, he wrote a song from the group, and he writes this kind of letters all the time… Yah!!!

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This and Seungkwan’s comment are too nice
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Is that Seventeen?
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Seriously Woozi looks like a damn good person..
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This is why I started stanning Woozi when I was stanning someone else, he’s seriously driving me crazy, there’s no exit. He’s so so cute but his skills are crazy
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It’s a children choir participating to sing in the Round and Round song, the song is so good, please listen to it!!
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Our Woo-father is shining..

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