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1. Seriously they didn’t create a controversy big enough to be kicked out…
2. Lee Chaeyoung’s one isn’t true, please don’t lump her here
> Ajussi, go back
> Ajussi, go somewhere elseㅋㅋㅋㅋ
> What not true? She’s the only one whose homeroom teacher actually acknowledge the school violence
>>A and Lee Chaeyoung were elementary school friends, and when Lee Chaeyoung was 14 back then, she glared at Lee Chaeyoung in the hallway and Lee Chaeyoung asked her why she was glaring at her, but A replied “I didn’t glareㅋㅋ”, so Lee Chaeyoung shoved her shoulder, that’s it~ Lee Chaeyoung wrote an apology so they didn’t put it on the school violence record. It was even in the student record proof
>>> But then, it means there was actually a victim?
3. Irene needs to go to
> Why Irene?
>>  Power trip
>>> She apologized and it ended here no?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ It’s not the same situation as the ones in the post
>>>> ?????? Anyone would think that there was only 1 victim, she’s been power tripping more people than those school violence, stop it with the shield
4. Please leave as soon as possible
5. From what I’m seeing, they’re definitely not getting rid of HJ… I’ll just filter him out
> That’s why I can’t even bring myself to look at that group
6. The issue with HJ and L is that they’re from the same company, so if they only get rid of one, it’ll create an issue so they’ll have to get rid of both. So you really think that they can get rid of only HJ..?
7. They’re definitely not leaving…
8. For real, I hate it, that’s why I’m never stanning JYP. Because of their personality thing, I used to fangirl on Wonder Girls but this turned me off
9. They’re already getting plenty of shields
10. Both are from Hybe, but they decide to kick out one while keeping the other one, what are they doing? Just kick out both

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