Whether they’re a man or woman
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1. As long as their personality is good, I don’t mind… I did meet someone who sweat profusely and it was a bit…
2. If it’s not chubby but overweight, I’d hate it..
3. I would seriously hate it, I’ll fight the person who set me up with them in the blind date (t/n: In Korea, most blind dates are set up by an “agent”)
4. Oh I manage myself so if I saw an overweight person, first of all, I’ll cut ties with the person who set us up together, but anyways, I’ll probably cut them just from the picture alone
5. I just found the reason why I’m a motae solo here, I’ll just go lose weight
6. As a first date, it’s a bit…
7. I seriously seriously hate this
8. I’m a girl and I know that if I went, the other party wouldn’t like me so I just don’t attend any blind datesㅋㅋㅋㅋ Of course, I’m not saying that they’ll definitely not like me, but I can acknowledge it…
9. But if they’re healthily chubby, I’m completely fine with it… But overweight is no good..
10. I’m overweight myself and even myself, I’d hate seeing someone overweight in a blind date, that’s why I don’t go to blind dates