I personally don’t understand why that hate sites are using these to hate on her…
But even on M Countdown, I saw how people were saying that she didn’t make any mistakes in her solo fancam. They shot the performance a few times and she only for the overall shape wrong in the group fancam only in some scenes. I don’t have anything to say if you want them to look perfect together but I wonder if she deserved that much hate for it so I’m writing this post.
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1. All 4 of them dance differently so it’s hard to tell who got it wrong
2. To be honest, it’s pretty obvious that she wasn’t born with dance skills + that she trained for the least amount of time..
3. I don’t know which of them is Giselle but why is the dance so bad?
4. But which one is Giselle?
5. There are seriously so many kids who want to hate on Aespaㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ it’s my first time seeing how no matter how many times people clarify things for them, there will be people flooding in to drag them
6. But in the YT comments, someone said that she was the niece of Lee Sooman’s girlfriend. Is that true??
7. I don’t know which of them is Giselle but I feel like all 4 of them have similar level of skills..
8. No but I do think that Giselle isn’t good at dancing but is this something worth making a 0.75 speed gif of her for? It’s my first time seeing people like this on TheQoo… I’ve always felt like this but there are so many people on TheQoo wanting to hate on Aespa
9. If you slow down the video, all 4 of them look different. You can’t tell who’s dancing the real dance… Every time I watch Aespa’s group fancam, I feel like they are dancing separatelyㅋㅋㅋ
10. All of them are dancing separately. I don’t even know who is Giselle and who’s dancing properly. The dance is honestly bad so can we even tell who is dancing well here?
11. They all look good? I don’t know how high are your standards to hate on them?
12. Can someone tell me who’s Giselle?
13. I don’t know who’s not dancing it right but… the dance just sucksㅋㅋㅋㅠㅠ How can you even dance this dance nicely?? I don’t even know if you can call this a dance..
14. I do think that their AI concept and songs are amazing compared to other girl groups but I feel like the members always dance the choreography sloppily so they are not doing justice to the charm of their concept… I feel like if they danced powerfully and had the angles right, they will pull off the concept so well. I wonder if the issue is the dance or their skills..
15. It’s not that they dance badly but I watched Karina’s solo fancam and Giselle’s solo fancam and it felt like they were dancing the same dance but with different vibes…