Seriously kicking her out doesn’t end anything? She’s still receiving earnings..?
“Seems like a lot of people will start listening to Fearless now that Kim Garam has withdrawn…
But Right now, if you listen to the Fearless that was released on digital platforms, Kim Garam will continuously earn money ㅠ”
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Can we do something about these Twitter people?
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But copyright fees go through Hybe, so they’re the ones who decide whether to pay her or not right..? The comments here seem to all spill nonsense… If I can sum it up, it’s probably true that she’s still getting paid, just a smaller amount
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I don’t care, if they’re not re-recording with 5 people, I’m not listening. I hate listening to her voice
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No but it’s not like it’s a national song like Cherry Blossom Ending, not much money will go to Kim Garam from people listening to that song
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Huh? Then people think that Sooyoung or other people who left SNSD arent’ getting paid from people listening to their songs? Of course they are