A, who claimed to be Kim Ga-ram’s friend, said on Instagram on the 20th B, who exposed Kim Ga-ram’s school violence was also the perpetrator.

A said, “B bullied me from elementary school to middle school, and also swore at my parents and threatened me physically. I’m posting this because the perpetrators have been fighting with each other for 1 month and claiming to be the victim, meanwhile, I was accused of being the secondary perpetrator.” .

In addition, A said that B had transferred to another school by sharing photos of her classmate’s undressing and in the process, she received the 6th disposition of the School Violence Countermeasures Committee (School Violence Committee). A also added that she was threatened with prosecution by B.

In addition, A said, “As a friend of Kim Garam, I gathered the data I had and the testimonies of my friends (to the agency) to find out the truth, but the adults (company) did not use any of my data in the end to draw conclusios, and an 18-year-old high school student (Kim Garam) was used only as a noise marketing tool and got thrown away.”

Kim Garam’s friend, A, made such a claim, but the public took a cold look. They responded saying: regardless of the background of B, it is true that Kim Garam received the 5th disposition as the perpetrator, and even if B also received the perpetrator disposition, there is no need to publicize it because she is a non-celebrity.

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1. They already ended her contract. If the acquaintance comes out now and tells everyone to scrap everything, it’ll just add burden to the issue
2. Meh, they’re both commoners now, they can just meet each other have a die-die together (t/n: fight)
3. Alright student, just go comfort your friend instead
4. I don’t know if that friend is trying to act dumb or is actually dumb, but she cannot be purposefully trying to get her more like that?
5. Huh…? She’s not even an idol anymore… Just let them fight in peace…
6. How can you consider school violence “noise marketing”ㅋㅋㅋ Do you think that people are ready to go this far to debut a group? Think about that
7. The other members of Le Sserafim also have an image to preserve, why would they do that..? There’s no reason to use noise marketing that way, rather Hybe was crushed by the general public and were forced into that situationㅋㅋ
8. Who would use school violence as noise marketing? You’ll end up making a negative image for that person, there’s nothing good that comes out of it
9. Noise marketingㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Seriously there’s nothing in her head
10. She can just show us the proof of the 6th disposition? Kim Garam’s 5th disposition was easily found right? This is already a fight that’s over..
11. Birds of a feather
12. She actually ended up damaging the group, what noise marketing?