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1. [+45, -2]
So celebrities also edit their pictures? Since they’re using the default camera, I thought they didn’t (t/n: 일카 = default/normal camera, aka not through an app like Snow app)
2. [+18, -2]
Wow f*ck they should really stop taking pictures on the stairs, what a way to set themselves up
3. [+17, -17]
She’s in a controversy for looking too pretty with her beret?
4. [+16,- 10]
Where is the controversy? Or do you want to make it a controversy?
5. [+15, -2]
Who cares, all celebrities edit
6. [+12, -0]
Why would they bend the stairs?
7. [+11, -2]
You can’t trust anyone’s pictures
8. [+11, -6]
So cuteㅠㅠ Win-baby, please promote healthily and happily all the timeㅠㅠ

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