According to News1’s coverage on the 22nd, NCT will appear in MBC’s ‘2022 Chuseok Special Idol Athletics Championship’.
NCT, a 23-member multinational boy group, is planning to heat up ‘IAC’, which is making a return after two years after going through COVID-19 pandemic hiatus. NCT appeared in the ‘2020 New Year Special Idol Athletics Championship’ and won a gold medal in the men’s archery event. […]
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1. Ah I freaking hate this
2. I thought they were coming back
3. Huh..? Cut down on their schedules
4. Ah this pisses me off
5. SM you f*ckers
6. Make them comeback instead… Ugh….
7. Don’t they have overseas schedules…? Don’t tell me they’ll jumping right in once they come back?
8. What? SM is really picking up everything we tell them not to….
9. I read on other portals that they weren’t going though?
> Maybe only 127 and DREAM?
10. Maybe it’ll only be Sung-Sho and WayV?