When they were in elementary and middle school, they were the prettiest
But in high school and university, because everyone started putting on makeup and getting surgery, there are more girls becoming prettier than them so… I feel like they must feel a bit upset
For example, people would get double eyelids surgery..
That’s what my friend with natural double eyelids told me..
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If you’re outstandingly pretty, you won’t feel like this. For people who got prettier with plastic surgery, you can just view them as people who saved money
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But Pann does praise natural beauties in a weird way… of course being natural beauties is a good thing but as soon as someone had their eyelids done, people here would say things like “they have that unique vibe that cannot be replicated with natural beauties”, “they can’t copy a natural beauty’s aura” and things like that. When in fact, most of the celebrities who get praised here got some kind of plastic surgery….? Even so, they are still f*cking pretty no?
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But it’s obvious when someone had double eyelids surgery. They have those unique eyes
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But the real unfair thing here isn’t that the scarcity of pretty faces is decreasing but that because of lookism, people feel the need to go under the knife no? No matter how selfish someone is, let’s all be kind
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When people age, their double eyelid surgery becomes so obvious
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People who are truly natural beauties wouldn’t care about this though?ㅋㅋ;; Do you think that natural beauties won’t know that they are f*cking pretty themselves and think that they look average?

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