They can get tattoos
They can smoked too
And since people don’t choose their families, they can have bad family background too
But when someone has tattoos + smokes + has bad family background, I don’t even think that there’s 1% chance that this person can be a good person
When I say this, my friends say that I’m way too judgmental
Of all the people I met, I haven’t met anyone with a combination of these three factors who was normal
Rather than calling me narrow minded, just look right now at the people receiving help from others and you’ll get your answers right away.
What do you guys think?
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1. [+433, -1]
If we’re talking about probabilities, I think you’re right
2. [+324, -21]
Just skip on them. Even people with tattoos usually only get together with others with tattoos
3. [+324, -1]
Everyone is aware… academical specs, looks, fashion, hobbies, tattoos, smoking, values, way of speaking, etc. everyone filter people based on these things according to their own standards… everyone acts in society based on their own standards
4. [+132, -10]
They are only calling you judgmental through their words but deep inside, they must be thinking the same thing… also, there must be other people who would skip on people like you too.. because everyone gives and take ^^
5. [+87, 04]
I’m fine with one or two small tattoos, but people who brag about their full back, thigh or arm tattoos that are huge, wide and long just become unlikable to me
6. [+80, -47]
Since you’re human, it’s ok to think like this for yourself but I don’t want to be around people who outwardly say that they don’t like people with tattoos, who smoke and who have bad family background, even less than bad people.