“Why would you be on broadcast if you’re gonna act like that?” Sung Hoon’s broadcast attitude against restaurants with lines
On the 8th, TvN’s on “Lined Up Restaurant” he, Park Narae and HAETnim went to visit a kimchi stew place.
However, Sung Hoon’s broadcast attitude received heavy criticism
(IG caption on the picture:

“Before making them appear on the show, shouldn’t he check what kind of show this is?.. He just seems pissed off because he’s hungry”)

Sung Hoon: So I can only turn on the camera when my turn is there?
Server: Yes!
Sung Hoon: You come with me
1. He complained about the line being way too long and kept asking if he had to wait… He then looked at Park Narae and dragged her by the wrist to a corner
Sunghoon: Let’s go to another restaurant then
2. He’s the type who would just move to the restaurant beside if he has to wait in line for a restaurant
*He puts the camera on the floor*
“This is my first time seeing a guest like that”
HAETnim: Are you (Sung Hoon) fed up holding the camera?
3. He was fed up taking the camera so he just left it on the floor
*One bite of the beef brisket without a single word*
5. The beef was done, and he didn’t even pick up the chopsticks but straight up used to grilling tongs and shoved it in his mouth
(t/n: it’s table etiquette to use tongs for grilling meat only, except if you’re eating alone)
*Water dripping*
*My sweat!!!*
6. He was in the middle of eating and suddenly started headbanging, turns out he wanted to get rid of his sweat…;;;
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1. [+1,905, -16]
But all things aside, I bet he thinks he’s really a top star
2. [+1,518, -12]
Ah f*ck he’s disgusting
3. [+1,464, -13]
He made it so obvious that he hates waiting in line and the way he’s using tongs to eat and shouting ‘It’s sweat!!!’ like that, he seriously looks pissed off
4. [+774 ,-9]
Whenever there are better men on I Live Alone that comes on the show, he will definitely not appear
5. [+727, -0]
Even if it’s not you, there are countless people who are willing to line up. If you’re going to act with attitude on broadcast, just stay in the corner of your room. He thinks that because he’s some celebrity, he can just skip the line and eat? He’s the same person who showed his personality when he grabbed 1N2D’s PD by the collar and told him to get him food. I saw him in a good light because he adopted an abandoned puppy, but he’s not it
6. [+703, -1]
I saw the Youtube video and his attitude even pissed off the staff..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ  He barely made any comment, he showed his ruined expression and made even the other guests conscious about him, but he ended up having all those scenes put together, edited, and exposedㅋㅋ Right now, there’s 5 comments per second appearing on Youtube swearing at him
7. [+651, -0]
*What is he doing?*
*Dripping water*
Park Narae: Is the water outside..leaking?
Sung Hoon: It’s my sweat!!!!
On the 10th, Sung Hoon’s agengy told XSports News “He wanted to be entertaining, but he ended up overdoing it. We apologize to the people who felt uncomfortable. He will act more meticulously in the future.”
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1. Just how many years has he been promoting that he still thinks that he can get upset on set and act up like that?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Stop coming out already
2. He always had attitude controversies ever since I Live Alone, how many times has it been?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
3. Entertaining? Does he think the viewers would be entertained by what they’re seeing? Just stop making excuses and apologize… He eats so disgustingly and he was even ignoring HAETnim on broadcast
4. What entertaining?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ  I haven’t seen a single person describe him as entertaining? Just where does he think he’s entertaining at?
5. He thinks that acting like that is entertaining????? Looks like he thinks it’s entertaining to make others uncomfortable..
6. He’s f*cking overdoing it, to the point the editing team couldn’t even get rid of it…
7. I can only remember Park Narae and HAETnim trying their best in that situation…
8. Looks like the PD ratted him out because he pissed him off
9. Looks like the PD wanted to f*ck him over so he exposed himㅋㅋ
10. He could’ve just apologized and stop having seizures over trivial stuff like that. It feels like he’s always venting his anger

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