While YG Entertainment announced its 2nd quarter results that exceeded market expectations, it is gaining momentum because of the upcoming comeback of ‘Blackpink’.
On the KOSDAQ market at 9:04 am on the 12th, YG Entertainment is trading at 6,700 won, an increase of 1,200 won (2.02%) from the previous day.
YG Entertainment surpassed the consensus (market average forecast) with consolidated sales of 76 billion won (-9%, compared to the previous year) and operating profit of 9.3 billion won (-11%) in the second quarter.
Lee Ki-hoon, a researcher at Hana Securities, also said, “[…] considering that the scale of the Blackpink tour is larger than that of BTS in 2019, the album sale will also be reflected accordingly.”
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1. Why are they so b*tthurt? I’m an Army who finds BP so pretty and I’m also a fan living in the US.
I attended almost all the BTS concerts in North America and Europe.
BlackPink’s scale doesn’t even come close
But why must they be compared with Bangtan!?
BlackPink are cool enough on their own. Just stop comparing and just act honest
2. Huh what are they saying? Leave Bangtan out if you’re going to speak. You trash journalists don’t even know the scale of BTS’ concert, it’s so annoying
3. Just say that this is the group’s biggest scale, what’s the point of bringing in Bangtan?ㅋㅋ If you look at the data, everything is already there
4. What’s the point of comparing something from 2019? ㅋㅋㅋ
5. I’m just asking this out of curiosity but what was the scale of BTS’ 2019 tour?
6. Male idols and female idols scale are different to start with. Now that they can’t use Bigbang anymore, they’re bullsh*tting
7. The drug store is still mediaplaying so lowly. Isn’t this a fraud? Most people will only read the title and not read the content
8. As a BlackPink’s fan, I can certify that BTS’ tour scale was way bigger and that there’s not a single fact in the article
9. This is smaller than BTS’ 2019 tour? What is the journalist on?
10. Ha seriously leave BP alone;;;