t/n: 두상 is more the area at the back of your head than your entire head shape/flat head
“Before-after comparison of filler at the back of your head”
It’s the first time I learned that there’s surgery for your head shape;;
The world of plastic surgery is fascinating..
I’m envious of people with pretty head shapes!!
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1. Even with face fillers, it spreads into all kinds of tissue and places around your face with time, imagine at the back of your head. For real, with time, it’ll migrate down your neck
2. No but is this even necessary…? Just cover it by blow drying your hair or with a perm
3. How does he sleep??????????
4. Surgeries are insane;; The fact that they’re making up all these kinds of surgeries isn’t even funny anymore
5. I’m scared about the side effects
6. No but he already did it so it can’t be helped, but this is just wrong….
7. This is just getting creepy. He will be anxious about sleeping on pillows all his life
8. Just do it with your haitㅠ Why would you put fillersㅠ
9. There’s surgery for everything now, it’s so dangerous.. Some people are saying that you can blow dry or cut your hair to compensate, but if you really have a flat head, you can’t do anything to cover itㅋㅋ
10. Where is the end of plastic surgeryㄷㄷ Honestly, this is indeed making me self-conscious about my head shape, I’m getting worried