It’s a bit weird but
Seventeen’s Darl+ing
NCT Dream’s I Don’t Need Your Love
NCT’s Highway To Heaven
Aespa’s Life’s Too Short
Let’s add more!
Featurings are good too!!!
Some songs I can listen to in my company and pretend they are pop songsㅇㅇ…
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1. TXT’s Magic
2. SNSD’s Diamond
3. Prettymuch & NCT Dream’s Up To You
> Dream’s Fireflies
> Key’s Imagine and Helium
> SuperM’s With You
4. Bangtan’s Yet To Come
> Aren’t the lyrics in Angul??
>> Isn’t only the title in English?
>>> Ah then Permission to Dance
5. golden Child’s Bottom of the Sea
6. Cho Seungyeon’s Multiply, Kiss of Fire, Thinking Bout You
7. There’s a bit of Hangul but Suzy’s Sattelite
8. Ah that SuperM’s song that’s a bit bright
> Big Chance!
9. Blackpink’s Bet You Wanna, this one is seriously good. I recommended it to all my friends
> Ah also our kid’s self-composed song. It’s seriously good…

10. Day6’s Zombie. There’s an English version. I’m a fan of another group but I listen to it often
11. Rose’s On The Ground
12. NCT127’s What We Talkin’ Bout
13. BP’s Ice Crea,
14. Baek Yerin’s Square
15. Twice’s The Feels, Moonlight