Looks like they’re still in touch,,,ㅠㅠ

“Happy birthday to my friend Kwanghee”
“Nostalgies over Infinity Challenge”
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GD is really genuine towards Infinity Challenge
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I support their friendship

“Thank you my friend Jiyong-ah. I wasn’t even able to take care of your birthday on August 18th… Sorry and thank you!!”

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This is freaking nostalgic, I enjoyed Infinity Challenge
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Seeing how Kwanghee acts towards Jo Seho, you can tell he treats people around him well. Even though he had a lot of scandals during his duty, but nobody around GD spread information about him and tried to protect him
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GD is seriously different from what he seems… Even from his middle school and high school he’s the type who sticks to you until the end once you become friends with himㅜ He was also never able to let go of Bigbang, he must really love Bigbang
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GD is the type who will go for the long-run once he meets someone, he seems very coolㅠㅠ He takes his relationships seriously and he has so many friends of him who know him beyond 10 years
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Kwanghee is popular for his good personality in the industry, seems like he’s still close to GDㅠㅠ Both seem to be kind peopleㅎㅎ