How did they do it…? Seriously, are they really gonna hack into Lisa’s account? They said that she was their next target
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If they mess with Lisa’s fans, their personal information will be exposed

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Crazy, seriously. I’ll be f*cking mad if they mess with Jang Wonyoung’s feed….
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For real? Or is this fake? Lisa’s fans should get them
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Aren’t they the same people who hacked into Lee Dohyun’s account? (covered here)
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That person closed their account and posted this post
“The Chinese government ordered me to hack K-pop idols’ Instagram accounts, and I had no choice but to follow the orders.
China is a country without freedom of the press, and I am also Chinese, but I am so ashamed of China.
The Chinese government has ordered me to pretend to be a foreigner and upload content that praises China. But I couldn’t refuse this order.
If I refuse this order, I will disappear. I also warned my family not to disclose this fact to the outside, and said that my family would not be safe if it became known to the outside.
I am just an ordinary person who has won the Grand Prize 7 times in the World Hacking Competition.
In China, you can’t access the overseas internet, including Instagram, without a VPN. It is a country with severe media control.
Please forgive me.
Finally, Starship Entertainment and YG Entertainment, we sincerely apologize to Korean actor Lee-Do-Hyun.
My family and I have now entered a safe third country and are guaranteed safety. Artist and fans, I’m really sorry.”