This is my own speculation. I’m writing this because I pity the two and their fans

Everyone saw the pictures of V and Jennie and because rumors are rampant, I’m writing this. From my opinion, I just see this as a crime with victims
1. People are claiming that Jennie must’ve shared the pictures through her private Insta and that she got hacked but I don’t think it’s true
Right now, this speculation is being shared around as if it was a fact and people are saying that she got hacked on the private account she used to follow official accounts of pop singers by i-roaches. But people were already aware of her account 4 years ago and she hasn’t been updating it since 1 year so her account has been inactive.
So she hasn’t shared any of the pictures that were exposed this time either
(T/N: the posts in the screenshot is saying what OP already wrote: that her account was made 4 years ago and she never got hacked but that her photo account she made for her fans got hacked.)
2. Then how were the pictures exposed? I don’t know. There’s no way to confirm the route used nor the pictures
But then, if you look at the egg account on Twitter, you can see that one of the two (probably Jennie) is always holding a phone. So it makes me wonder if her iCloud got hacked (To be exact, iCloud hacking is not about hacking, but rather about accessing the ID off-guard identified through a different path)
So the hacker is using her personal information and uploading pictures without verification
3. Right now, the hacker (alleged) is referring to an acquaintance of V and Jennie, or an acquaintance of only one of them, while threatening them
That’s the way Hollywood stars usually do get hacked, starting with Jennifer Lopez a few years ago, when Hollywood female entertainers became victims of hacking crimes, they did it this way.
Since K-pop stars became famous, this way of hacking has reached K-idols too
4. This account has been maliciously threatening them. We don’t know how many pictures they have but they’ve been threatening them saying that they’ll be revealing one picture a day
If you’re wondering why this is scary, just put yourself at their place
How many pictures does this anonymous criminal have? How many private messages have they read? You don’t know any of this but they are just revealing everything on the internet. Isn’t this just a horror movie?
Have you experienced this in your 20’s? If I were them, I would’ve have trust issues
5. Then shouldn’t their companies act quicker and settle everything down with money?
Realistsically speaking, this would be the best course of action but there’s no guarantee that the person will stop after receiving the money.
Bluntly speaking, what if they take the money and run away? Or if they reveal even more afterwards?
You cannot guarantee anything and this is the most f*cked up part. Only the criminal is holding the knife
6. What’s worse is that the criminal is even threatening fans who are threatening to expose their email and took screencaps and revealed the fans’ personal info on Twitter.
They hacked into the fan’s Facebook account through the fan’s email or my IP account, and are threatening her by sending her fan photos and cell phone numbers
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1. [+290, -11]
I also think that this is what happened. Jennie isn’t dumb and people’s private accounts have been exposed a few times. She also cannot ignore the fact that some of her acquaintances might backstab her so it’s 100% certain that if she shared these pictures in her private account, they will be exposed one day. That’s why I don’t think that she’s able to upload pictures like these ones so openly. Seriously, she must’ve been exposed through another route
2. [+280, -9]
Seriously, it might be funny to laugh about the gossips and whatnot for now but you guys are just contributing to these criminals’ wallet
3. [+111, -5]
They are just pitiful… It’s already scary to have people hacked into my iCloud and sharing everything on community sites but it’s even scarier not knowing what they’ll be sharing next…ㅋㅋ It’s f*cking impressive how they still haven’t lost their minds
4. [+110, -4]
This was exactly what I wanted to say… the purpose of this hacking isn’t just ‘V and Jennie’, and it’s not to make them acknowledge their relationship either. Don’t you get it when they shared their own email? They are doing this for their own enjoyment + to get into contact with their companies to get money. They are doing this with the most evil intent. And aside from a few muggles and fans, everyone else is just consuming their content for fun and this reality is just so gloomy. Just think about your own phone getting hacked like this…. You may think that iCloud only has pictures but just knowing her password, you can connect to all her accounts. These two already have such a hard time protecting their private lives. And isn’t their sole way to protect their privacy their phone? But seeing how even their phones are getting exposed..ㅠ how do you stop a thief from coming through the wall?
5. [+101, -4]
The funniest thing is that the hacker isn’t the one getting hate but Jennie-V are getting all the hate… It makes me wonder how hopeless Nate Pann is

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