Leo: I’ve been sorry for you guys and to the people around all this time

Leo: Actually, we were so out of it that I couldn’t talk about it
Leo: Nowadays, I’m really having a hard time mentally, honestly I can’t manage myself/my mind
Leo: I couldn’t talk about it because [you] were all living the same thing as me
Leo: But I was the only one delusional and making it obvious
Leo: But it’s not like I wanted to make it that obvious myself either
Leo: You guys aren’t at fault, this is all my fault
Leo: But because of that, the mood is ruined, I’m so sorry
Leo: I feel so sorry towards you guys
Leo: We talked for a while now
Leo: But I don’t think I’ve been able to relay how sorry I feel towards the members
Staff: In the process of preparing the debut for the 7 members, Leo mentioned his intentions to halt this
Staff: He was really worried and felt pressured about whether he can overcome the general public as an artist
Staff: After that, we discussed a lot. And as a company, it was a hard decision to take, but we had to respect Leo’s decision
+ I’m adding the other members’ reactions if you guys were curious about it
James: Hyung.
James: You must still have the will to do it right?
James: That should be enough. You can do it hyung
Woochan: Don’t give up. Don’t give up
+ They removed his name completely on Youtube

+ His last video:

t/n: video of his departure:

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1. Oh… So are they going to debut as 6 people?
2. Huh…. So are they really going to be 6?
3. First of all, it’s better that he leaves
4. Is that the rap lyrics guy?
> Yes
5. Wow This is a bit shocking
6. Hul I thought he was one of the talented members
7. Wow he must’ve really had a hard time.. So they’ll debut with 6 people?
8. No but, if the company took into consideration his lyrics… What were they thinkingㅎ…? And the fact that the company personally captioned the lyrics for him was seriously legendary. I bet he recognized that he was problematic himself and gradually thought about leaving. There’s no way the company ever acknowledged the issue with the fact that they put the subtitles themselves. That’s just legendary
9. I feel bad for him because he must’ve had a really hard time if he had to release this type of video before debut, but there’s still that underlying thought about him writing those lyrics, so even if he decided to debut, he wouldn’t be safe at all. He did well leaving
10. Looks like Bighit doesn’t take anything under consideration and they’re just sending their trainees that they’re planning to debut out in the open like that. Seriously they give me the impression that they don’t protect their artists a single bit
11. It’s true that he was at fault, but I feel like withdrawing is a bit too extreme
12. IT’s good that he left, he probably acknowledged his mistake… But how is the company not taking a single bit of responsibility over this?
13. Wow seriously what a shame. The debut was right in front of his nose
14. The company is to blame
15. There seems to be a pattern with the company not being able to cover up for their controversial members, and doing nothing at all by just letting the issue spread like wild fire. In the end, all the arrows were turned against the trainee and they had to kick him out… It’s true that he was at fault but the way that the company is dealing with these issues is just obaㅋㅋ