On top: September
Bottom: October
numbers are in 10,000K won (roughly $75)
BTS show date: Oct 15th: $912
Other weekends: $210~$525
The price is higher for BTS than for the Chuseok long weekend (Chuseok weekend costs $504 while BTS concert day costs $912)
That person is me.
To be precise, as soon as the notice was posted yesterday, I booked on Naver and then it got canceled that booking after 30 minutes. And today, a random text arrived.
I made a reservation at another place so I’m fine with it being canceled, but now, I’m wondering if other people who booked before me also got their reservations cancelled~
Hotel: Because we’re fully booked, we are requesting your cancellation
OP: Where is this? You’re asking me to cancel due to full capacity right?
1. One of the accommodations I booked in Busan was canceled. I don’t know why.
2. I looked at the accommodation app yesterday and remembered all the prices, one of them went up by 120,000 won (~$89). In addition to that room, the other rooms also increased by 100,000-200,000 won compared to yesterday’s price.
Conclusion: I filed a complaint to Busan City (I do not know if this will be resolved)
Right now, people who have already reserved rooms are getting cancelations and the hotels are rising prices.
original post: here
1. This freaking pisses me off, I’ll just do a one-day trip and come back on the same day..^^
2. I tried calling them 4 times to tell them I already reserved but they still canceled it to rise the prices. At this rate, I’ll just watch the concert for free online
3. People are so disgusting when they get crazy over money
4. Businesses just can’t let their bad habits die
5. This is a Hyatt Hotel, it was always expensive
> I’m working at that hotel but  this price is literally a jokeㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅜ
6. Should I just take out the camping car from my house
7. Are they using the singers to fill their pockets? I want to beat them up
8. Wow this is evil
9. Wow those prices are insane
10. I’ll just come with my camping car