In all the big 3 charts, Illusion is higher than Girls

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1. I also only listen to Illusion
2. I get that their lyrics have to do with their worldview but even so, I’m not sure how Girls is different than all of their other songs. It’s always about Black Mamba being bad and Naevis being good. They’ve been singing that for 4 songs back to back so I don’t feel that there’s anything new. But then, their performance needs to be good to compensate but their choreography has been the worst so far…. Of course Illusion’s reactions will be better. It’s way more refreshing and the song is good too ㅠ
3. Girls is just bad. Illusion is better
4. I like Girls more though… sneef sneef…
5. I think that Girls is the worst song that a female group released this year… the lyrics and the worldview are just too childish and outdatedㅜ
6. Even during the SM Concert, I felt like the reactions to Illusion were better than Girlsㅋㅋ
7. Please let Aespa release something legendary next ㅠㅠ
8. To be honest, their worldview just feels too forced; for how many years are they gonna talk about Black Mamba and Naevis?
9. Just why did they pick Girls as their title track…? Even for the concept, they could’ve done so many things with Illusion
10. The Aespa members are all charming but their worldview is just too immature and over the top. They should cut it down a bit so that more people can fangirl on them
11. Personally, I feel like their worldview is just too forced so I’m slowly getting turned off. To be honest, their lyrics are too cringeㅋㅋ if the overall song sucks, they need to at least have something interesting to look at on stage but their stages are also boring and there’s nothing that hooks me in
12. I like both songs but I like Girls more
13. They should’ve picked Illusion as their title trackㅋㅋ it’s freaking good