“The girl trainees are all monitoring together after practice…!!

#Rookies in the making #Training unit”
I think that they’ll be revealing their female trainees soon. If they really have a debut team in Kwangya, then we already know that they’ll have 4 members
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1. If it’s not at Kwangya, where do you want them to practice…?
> They said that they are practicing at their previous training center and that’s what they said yesterday too
2. Aren’t they practicing at Kwangya?
3. Why does the one at the forefront feels so much like a baby?ㅠㅠ
4. Oh… are they confident? Since they are always pushing back their plans over there too
5. I do feel like 1-2 people from there are gonna debut… Aren’t they all practicing at Kwangya? Are they still using their Apgujeong office?
6. I think that one of those hands are Na Haeun’s. I wanna see her on stage
7. Are they trying to shorten the term of their female idols? They are also planning to debut a male idol group aside from the NCT expansion. Are they gonna shove a bunch of trainees out like Soshi-Shinee-F(x) back then..?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
8. Please recruit a bit more people SM…
9. I’m… curious about something. Weren’t there rumors about SM looking for a trainee with as much skills as a main vocal for their girl group? Have they found that trainee?
> Ah right, I’m curious too
10. Aespa didn’t even debut for that long and already..
11. No but after seeing this post, don’t you think that they are releasing their next groups super fast….? SM is preparing 3 male groups so they should wait at least 2-3 years before debuting their next girl group no? Even if it’s not the time to be worried right now, SM will have to pick their staffs and divide them well