“One of my family relatives knows a basketball player whose wife met with them today. She said that the basketball player has stopped working and now has a business that has something to do with yachts at the Han River? He was working and Baekhyun visited her business with the head of a nearby orphanage…  Turns out  out that Baekhyun has been secretly at an orphanage frequently…”


Isn’t he a total angel? ㄷㄷ

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1. [+174, -13]
For real, he’s the light Baekhyun
2. [+165, -12]
He’s been secretly taking lessons and also secretly volunteering, Because of this man, I’m crying..
3. [+119, -10]
I miss him..
4. [+82, -7]
He got so much hate because he went to Hangang and people claimed he was playing around during serviceㅋㅋㅋ Meanwhile, this is what he was doing
5. [+60, -5]
I still remember people witnessing him at the yacht ㄷㄷ
6. [+56, -7]
This is the proof❤️ The akgae ajummas will have such cognitive dissonance that they will never be able to believe thisㅋㅋ People claimed he was just playing around and dragged him in the mud and swore at him so much, meanwhile he was there with an orphanage CEO visiting. The level of ignoranceㅜ

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