“They were sharing [food] with me but then I got scolded”
“Because I was supposed to be on a diet”
“They’d ask me ‘why are you eating this?'”
Because it was their daughter’s birthday, her parents wanted her to take care of her body so they removed all the sugar and got her a custom made sweet pumpkin cake
Wendy refused to eat it at first, but her mom forced her to take a bite, so Wendy ate a tiny bit of it. Even on the broadcast, you can tell she felt wronged by the situation and said that she only took a small bite, but the company learned about it and scolded her.
Of course, it’s obvious that all trainees take care of themselves, but this is even more extreme than I thought. She just ate a tiny bitㅜ
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1. It was even more severe once RV debutedㅜㅜ
2. I would’ve been so sad about it…ㅠㅠㅠ
3. Maybe because dieting is the most fundamental? Not even within the company, but even for people who go audition, they would already diet a lot before going
4. This is just sad, it’s not even a cake
5. The trend nowadays is healthy diet and rather than starving yourself, they tell everyone to just ‘lose weight through work out~’ meanwhile, most of the kids still survive on sweet potatoes and salads as main meals
6. There’s also the anecdote of Fx wanting to eat kimbap and asking Sehun to buy it for themㅠㅠ
7. There that gif circulating of RV during their debut days when they were asked what they wanted to eat and they were all starring at each other and Taeyeon was watching them next to them
> That’s true and Taeyeon just said to leave them eat whatever they want
8. Meanwhile, Aespa seems to be more ‘broad‘ now
9. The skinny members of NCT also said that they were forced into dieting so much during trainee days that their bodies compositions almost changed because of it
10. But I feel like Aespa is free to do whatever they want..

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