I can’t think of anything else aside from Sweet Home
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1.There’s none, he just can’t act, even now
2. He was fine in Navillera
3. Forecasting Love and Weather
4. Love Alarm1, it was his first lead role and he was a bit awkward but he was the personification of Hwang Seon Oh
> I thought he freaking sucked there… Forecasting Love and Weather is at least 100x betterㅠㅠ
5. I feel like Sweet Home was his best work. And personally, I got shocked at how bad he was in Love Alarm
6. He was the best in Sweet Home, his nerd acting…
7. I watched Forecasting Love and Weather and he’s really not it… At least he didn’t have much lines in Sweet Home and he suited his character
8. It’s true that Sweet Home was the easiest character to pull off!
9. Nevertheless for me…
> He was so bad in Nevertheless that it was hard watching him…He seriously sucked, and he didn’t suit his character either, he suit the dumb puppy character more
10. Sweet home..

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