This album is a specially planned limited-quantity album, and due to the request of the agency, the chart will not reflect the sales

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1. 200K ??? They’re bullsh*tting. Even for PROOF, they only had 3 new songs in it, Hybe is going nuts..
2. ㅋㅋ Are people buying albums to listen to them or to show them off..? They’re making it more and more hard for the fans lately
3. I’m an ARMY and they’ve really lost it. I’ve always loved BTS, but the company is always bullsh*tting
4. Even if they release stuff at that price, I bet there would be fans purchasing them no? There’s always going to be people who complain about it being too expensive but the fans who have the means will buy it anyways… But this time, there was even a trending tag associated with this; what they did was indeed a bit oba
5. This is literally just a remake album, why is there a need to make it that expensive?ㄷㄷㄷ
6. We need to spend that much just to have randomized photocards….? Wow this is severe…
7. Hybe…Bihit…We know too well how you guys are viewing ARMY, but this is just shocking and infuriating. Looking at the way they treat us is just sad
8. I’ve never skipped a single album, but I really won’t be able to afford this one. I seriously have so much to say about the people who planned this but I’ll hold back
9. Paying that price to get 1 randomized photocard is just too much
10. Is Sihyukie losing cash? Why is he doing that?
11. Give us all the photocardsㅡㅡ
12. They’re not in their right minds
13. This will still sell out no matter what….ㅠㅠㅠ
14. No matter how much of a collector you are, this wouldn’t even go to the digital sales, I’m skipping on that one… This is what they did with the Best Of album too
15. Wow… This is too severe…