HyunA and Dawn are officially leaving P NATION.
The news was announced via a press statement released by P NATION on August 29 KST. The statement reads as follows:
“Hello, this is P NATION.
We would like to express our deep gratitude to everyone who has given HyunA and Dawn their love and interest.
We are informing you that our exclusive contracts with HyunA and Dawn have recently expired.
HyunA, Dawn, and HyunA&Dawn embroidered the colors of P NATION brilliantly with bold music that only they can digest, as well as unique visuals and performances. And their passion as artists and their care and devotion toward the staff has made them role models to everyone.
All members of P NATION will cherish the pleasant memories of working with HyunA and Dawn for a long time, and we will continue to support their activities in the future.
Thank you to the many fans who care for HyunA and Dawn, and we ask for your continued warm encouragement and support.
Thank you.”
CR: Allkpop
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1. Everyone’s leaving, seems like that company was so-so
2. The renewal rate isn’t looking good
3. Personally, I found their music so-so ever since they joined P Nation
4. Why is everyone leaving?
5. All the songs were produced by PSY so maybe that’s why all the singers’ songs sounded like PSY covers
6. Jessi was unexpected but I felt like HyunaDawn would leave
7. I’ve never felt that any of their songs were as good as expected… People’s expectations were only high because it was PSY; PSY made a lot of good songs for female solos
8. Personally, the new songs they released were a bit maniac. But I wonder if they can find a better company..
9. The hair, makeup, coordi, concept, song and stage for I’m Not Cool were all good so this is a shame. Hyuna will be cool wherever she goes so she’ll release something fun for sure
10. I liked Flower Shower, I’m Not Cool and Good Girl though