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1. These look retro so they don’t look new to me (T/N: OP changed the title of the post. It used to say that NewJeans were the first to do this hair but OP says she didn’t know that the 1st gen idols already tried it)
2. Idols used to do those hair in 09~00 so its not a new style. But if you don’t know that generation, it might look new to you

3. I hate this ㅠㅠ why are they doing this to pretty faces…ㅠ

4. They look unique and the hair match them so well
5. But those were done by idols before them…
6. But the hime cut and Pucca hair are idols’ staples though?
7. I like their hair. It’s unique and pretty
8. It looks like the hairstyles of kids from kindergarten
9. This is real retro
10. The 90’s already tried those hairstyles