“Should I give you a reality check of how scary it is when male idols enlist one by one? Because of the army enlistment, the Suju fans have never seen a full-group performance from 2010 until now (T/N: tweet written in 2016).

Also, they still might not be able to see the full group until 2018.”
original post: here
1. I don’t even care if they enlist or not, just do it
2. The maknae enlisted earlier but the middle ones weren’t going so we couldn’t see the full group… it was honestly so-so
3. This is the pain of being the maknae’s fan… why are they always forcing the younger ones to enlist with them…? I really find people who want others to enlist with them so selfish. Their relationship is all for business but they are way too into it…
4. But I think that enlisting together with other members is even more so-so
5. I think that Kyuhyun did a good thing not enlisting together with other members back then. But if you have a large number of members, I do think that it would be better to enlist in groups of 2-3…
6. My bias group are all similar in age so I hope they can all enlist together later onㅜㅜ
7. The best would be to enlist half and half
8. That’s why I found Yoo Hoe Seung so impressive even in Produce and was jealous of him. Even before debuting, he already completed his army service
9. But to be honest, this is indeed difficult from the fans’ standpoint
10. But to be honest, since their album terms become longer with age, it’s better to go in groups…ㅠㅎㅎ the group hiatus will be similar to an enlistment period…