[teens stories] MOMO’S BODY IS LEGENDARY

She’s seriously a cola bottle
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1. [+305, -10]
But a lot of Twice’s concepts go for that femininecutie and innocent side so I wasn’t aware. But all their members have pretty good bodies.. they don’t have freaking skinny bodies like your usual girl group but they all have envious bodies
2. [+113, -7]
She’s not her the taller end but her proportions are good;; f*ck, I’m freaking jealous. I wanna steal her body
3. [+95, -22]
Nobody would say anything if kids like Jennie came out with an outfit only hiding the bust but there’s a reason why Twice gets into s*xual controversies as soon as Momo gets a little bit of exposure
4. [+92, -3]
Momo’s body, f*ck, I feel like I’m gonna stutter
5. [+78, -4]
There are so many members of Twice with good bodies
6. [+76, -4]
What’s with Kim Heechul… If I were Kim Heechul I would be serving and caring for her. She’s also way younger than him, is f*cking pretty and has an awesome body
7. [+42, -2]
prefer glamorous over slender so I think that she has the best body out of all female idols (I’m a girl)