If you had any shame you wouldn’t be consuming Miyeon’s eggs account and swearing at her, go write that bullsh*t to your own bias first. Why is everyone only swearing at Miyeon and saying stuff like she got the most screen time in their self-content. And now that she’s too busy to shoot their self-content, people are saying she lost her roots
Here’s (G)-idle’s V-app count:
Miyeon – 50
Minnie – 18
Soyeon – 20
Wuqi – 23
Shuhua – 31
SJ – 13 (she stopped after 2020 and quit in 2021)
Even in their official fanclub, it was Miyeon – SJ – Soyeon = Wuqi
In their private messages, Miyeon comes at least twice a week despite being busy, but because she got busier this week, she would come 4x a month. However, other members can come only once per month and people would treat them as some devoted daughters, meanwhile when Miyeon comes once a month, she’s being treated like a traitor
Neverland – Miyeon-ah what’s the song?
Neverland: What’s the title of the song?
MY: This is my…
Neverland: Ah so you had Mcountdown today
MY: Please give me some interest
When Shuhua was coming back to Korea from Taiwan, she had to self-quarantine and Neverland were talking about Shuhua during Miyeon’s live
Fan: I miss Shuhua
Fan: please do the (Vlive) with Shuhua
Fan: Where’s Shuhua
Fan: Can’t you do it with Shuhua?
Neverland didn’t know when to stop and kept on pushing it

Fan: Please do the video call with Shuhua

Fan: Shuhua’s video callㅠㅠㅠ
Fan: What is Shuhua doing?
Fan: Do the video call with Shuhuaㅠㅠ
Fan: Try calling Shuhua
She couldn’t win over Neverland so she ended up contacting Shuhua but Shuhua didn’t pick up so she had to post on her IG
Fan: Did Shuhua check her IG?
MY: (Shuhua) is enjoying her time alone
She must’ve been f*cking upset but she tried to change the atmosphere
“Miyeon tried to talk about other anecdotes”
Fans noticed that Miyeon was upset so for 10 minutes, they were apologizing in the chat
“Miyeon felt sorry because the fans read the room”
In the end, she concluded the video
MY: I’m not hurt really. I love you
This day wasn’t the only occurrence. Even during their hiatus, when the members went back to their countries, Miyeon wanted to protect the fans so she was doing a lot of video calls with the other members. The fans should be obviously grateful about it, so they’re the issue here
When she tries to interact with the fans, fans call her greedy but when she doesn’t show up in a week, her egg accounts start swearing at herㅋㅋ
Please grow some shame
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1. [+125, -7]
I’ve quit the Idle fandom but after SJ, their akgaes got way too severeㅜㅜ What’s weird over there is that they drag the successful members the most and they will always ask about the useless members
2. [+119, -7]
But don’t you guys also f*cking hate Miyeon?? It’s true that the situation mentioned in the post about asking where Shuhua is was really rude, but because people are calling this rude, it’s actually getting the reverse effect
3. [+113, -5]
Please don’t pay for Idle’s private message

4. [+87, -3]

Can we just get rid of paid messaging as a whole? It stresses out the artists and the fans
5. [+59, -2]
I don’t know but I seriously hate the situations mentioned in the post. Please just focus on the members who are interacting with you in the moment

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