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1. [+82, -5]
Even though Hera was working with Jun Jihyun before Jennie, they didn’t really have that old vibe to them. Howeverl, Sulhwasoo seriously looked like a skincare brand for mothers so I was worried that even with Rose, people in their 20s wouldn’t buy them, but after looking at the ad, I feel like she’ll draw f*cking lots of people in their 20s inㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
2. [+58, -4]
I watched the video and I’ve never seena brand campaign that looked this high quality. I didn’t think that Rose and Sulhwasoo would match that well together
3. [+35, -5]
Rose’s unique aura is seriously so good
4. [+19, -0]
Her skin is white and good, even professionals who have met her in real life all said they wanted to sign Rose for their ads. Seems like your voice and your skin is seriously important. Rose did a few ads just with her voice and they were all legendary. Not only with her singing but her talking voice is also celestial
5. [+18, -2]
The video reminded me of an ad you’d see overseas. Rose’s acting is good tooㅠ

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