This isn’t the channel of Mukbang Youtuber Hamzy, but Wandering Hamzi’s Vlog channel!

She has 630K subscribers and if you looked at the way Youtube calculates her earnings, she’d be earning around 8M won (t/n: ~6K USD)
However, depending on the number of videos, the countries, the audience and the time spent viewing, the earnings would be different (it’s my first time learning that countries matter)
Wandering Hamzy releases videos once a week and around 4 videos/month
In June, she received 3,829,800 won with exchange rate of 1300won (~2800USD)
In July, she received 5,024,500won with exchange rate of 130won (~3700USD)
Even when she’s able to earn 5M won, she’s only left with something between 0~500K won (~370USD)
t/n: minus employees fee (2.5Mwon), cost for producing content (1~2Mwon), taxestranslation cost (200-250Kwon)
She has 630K subscribers, and in July, she received 2.27M views
Her earnings was 5M won, but her net gain was between 0~500K won.
I was so shocked by it so I’m writing the post…
Depending on the country and the time the audience is viewing, the earnings differ
And for mukbangs, the viewing time is usually even shorter
It seems like the Youtube calculator assumes that the viewers will watch the videos until the end and calculates like that
I’m not saying that they’re earning less compared to commoners at all, but it’s way less than what people think they earn. And the earnings really change from month to month
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1. [+194, -6]
But her main account has 10M subscribers, so coming to this channel and whining about “I can barely make anythingㅠㅠ” is not it
2. [+120, -3]
Apparently she has 10M subscribers, but I’ve never heard of her
3. [+71, -1]
That’s her sub-account, her main channel has 10M subscribers
4. [+47, -1]
But a lot of foreigners watch that person. She claimed that kimchi was Korea’s when Chinese was saying that it was theirs so she became freaking likable
5. [+28, -1]
But she still has enough to pay employees to edit and translate her videos no?

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