It must be because she’s good at her job… I feel like she’s able to cover up for her dating rumors with her skills… It didn’t even impact her at all… Jennie and her fans are all just fine but Pann is the only place acting out, nobody actually cares
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1. [+68, -5]
YG-dols were always like that, even GD, during the peak of his career, he didn’t care about the scandals he was getting into
2. [+62, -5]
She’s good at her job and she gives the celebrity vibe, of course it won’t impact her
3. [+45, -1]
But from the start, BP never played the pseudo-relationship game and they’re female idols
4. [+18, -3]
Honestly, Jennie’s star factor is just too strong and she’s successful, that’s why. Just looking at her own buzz factor, you can tell that Jennie and V’s levels match each other and there’s nobody else that can match up to them
5. [+8, -0]
Jennie’s relationship also seems to be part of her career
6. [+8, -1]
It’s because the dating rumors of Jennie actually turn out to make her even more charmingㅇㅇ

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