This just got released today… To everyone who called this edited, you guys are just laughable at this point
Just go catch the hacker faster and try to shut them up with money..

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1. [+78, -26]
They’re dating alright, but seeing the way he’s playing chauffeur with her at Jeju-do during his comeback and he followed her without any schedules line up in New York, is he going to get into something if he doesn’t spend a week with his girlfriend? He clearly knows that all the attention is on him right now but he doesn’t even think once about the fans. Lover boy Taehyung goon, I hope you marry her
2. [+72, -15]
But V seems happy whether his pics get leaked or not, the fans are the only ones trembling with fear
3. [+60, -20]
I’ll quit the fandom if my bias did that, V’s fans are impressive
4. [+24, -14]
I’m a Blink and I really don’t care about V and Jennie dating that much? But hacking is just wrong
5. [+23, -3]
The companies aren’t even taking any ‘harsh actions’ towards this so why are ARMY going over every community yelling at everyone? You should be telling the company to protect their own artist instead and actually take harsh actions towards this. The leaking will only stop once the company starts taking legal actions
6. [+18, -1]
They suit each other the V-Jen couple

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