Never in my life would I think that my head size would become my biggest complex. I, like many others, gained weight during the pandemic. During that terrible time of being locked in my room doing nothing but compare myself to people on my screen (K-pop girlies especially), I became increasingly aware of my head size. Every piece of weight that I gained started in my cheeks and chin, and then eventually spread out to my body. When I lost my weight again, I realized that I can’t decrease the size of my face. I’m quite skinny/petite, and feel that I have the proportions of a Powerpuff girl. I’m Southeast Asian and have been slowly seeing that many other Southeast Asians have my same small body – big head combination. I’ve begun standing behind my friends of other races in photos because my head takes up half the d*mn picture. Even if they’re chubbier than me, they look more fit because their heads are smaller. I know that I have myself to hold accountable for my insecurities, but I really would have never noticed something as trivial as this without K-pop. I don’t even live in a country where people care about this but it takes up so much of my headspace (lol). How do Korean girls survive under these standards? I’m losing my mind over here and I’m still relatively separated from the beauty standards.

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