VMAs’ most mentioned female artists

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1. [+18, -0]
Rose is cool, congrats
2. [+18, -0]
Chaeng is cool
3. [+17, -1]
I’m another group’s fan but aside from my bias, but she’s the #1 idol I’m most proud of whenever I see artists from our country gain recognition overseas


4. [+10, -0]
Wow Pann seriously is filled with only Rose antis, so whenever we have good posts about her, there is barely any engagementㅋㅋㅋ There’s so many views on the article but only 8 commentsㅋㅋ Because they can’t think of anything to hate her on, they’re just clicking in the article to see who can start leaving some hate comments and rig the upvotes of the post. Seriously Pann is filled with people with inferiority complex towards Rose
5. [+6, -1]BP is seriously the final bosses of girl groups, they’re another level

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