Pannchoa pls, can we talk about this? I’m afraid something really bad will happened with Sunoo, we need force to let HYBE know what’s going on with him

– https://www.kpopstarz.com/articles/307376/20220621/enhypen-accused-fat-shaming-sunoo-live-broadcast.htm

– https://www.koreaboo.com/news/enhypen-criticized-sunoo-fat-shaming-weight/

– https://meaww.com/sunoo-enhypen-fatshaming-body-positivity-lost-confidence-fan-engene-reactions

– https://www.zoomtventertainment.com/korean/fans-demand-an-apology-from-enhypen-after-group-allegedly-body-shames-sunoo-yet-again-article-92875423

Disclaimer – This is gotta be harsh.





No that’s not just friendly banter.

Calling someone an elephant, a wild boar, Baymax has never been friendly banter.

Y’all know what is the first characteristic that pops up in your head when you hear those references. (They are heavy, if you still can’t figure out for some reason)

And do stop with the stupid excuse that Sunoo was laughing with them too.

What should he have done? Cry until his eyes swell in the live? Tell the whole world that his teammates are insensitive which would result in the total collapse of the group?

– Endure.

– Just Endure.

I still have a couple of my close friends who fat shame me despite opening up to them about my insecurities. At a farewell party or at a lunch at a friend’s house. What do you think I did? Cry and make a whole mess of it there itself?

Nah. Endure. Just Endure. Laugh. Laugh with them.

No matter how hurt are you, you know you can’t show that side to strangers. You know the bathroom is waiting for you to pour out all your grievances.

Answer to your question- it’s blatantly obvious. Sunoo is totally getting fat shamed by Enhypen.

And no, dare you pull out pictures where the members are praising Sunoo. People can praise you for one different thing and bring you down for another different thing. I myself get praised by my friends for being studious, while getting body shamed at the same time.

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