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1. Oh, I can see Hong Youngki in her for 3 seconds…
2. Seeing the phone camera pictures, she seriously looks so young. She didn’t lose her baby fat at allㅋㅋㅋㅋ
3. The more I look at her bangs, the cuter they lookㅠㅠ I think I know why fans hate her eyebrowsㅜㅜ Because of her baby fat, she still looks like a baby but she’s too pretty and cute..
4. Her bangs?? Her eyebrows??
5. Her baby bangs are seriously f*cking cute…
6. I was shocked at how skinny and long her legs were…. Miu Miu seems like those “too much” fashion but it suits Wonyoungie perfectly
7. I’m not a fan and it’s my first time leaving a comment under an idol’s picture… she’s just too pretty
8. She’s seriously a goddess. In my eyes, she’s the one top among female idols. But where’s her makeup shop? Why did they do her eyebrows like that…😡
9. Her face is just so idol-like but her body is too stick skinny
10. Wonyoungㅠㅠ she’s crazily pretty

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