SY: When it was announced that I would leave WG, the public reacted in an unwelcoming way

(headlines from that time: “Sunye leaves Wonder Girls, to do the best she can as a mother” “Sunye’s pregnancy… Did she leave WG?” “Sunye finally leaves WG, Netizens “Should’ve left from the start””)
(comments from that time: “If Wonderful gather together, you’ll get dragged ^^” “Is she boy crazy??? Tsk tsk” “Sunye has no sense of responsibility… Seriously the worst troll” “She’s never thought about the team”)
SY: At that time, when we were on our road to success
SY: My grandfather and father both passed away
SY: Having family funerals in a row, it was the moment when I had to rethink about the life I was living
SY: You can be reduced to a handful of ashes in a moment
SY: I couldn’t be happy on stage like I used to before
SY: Isn’t my anxious heart going to damage the group dynamic and the members..?
*Sunye decided to withdraw because her sense of responsibility as a leader was becoming heavier*
Oh Eunyoung (MC): There could’ve been ways for WG fans not to misunderstand this, what was the reason for withdrawing in such an extreme manner?
SY: There was a misunderstand that I couldn’t promote anymore because of my marriage and pregnancy
SY: Because of me, my members could be hurt
SY: And I had to resolve this issue cleanly officially
SY: I think that in the end, the general public wanted me to withdraw
SY: When I was faced with the situation that I had to stop WG… I still had so many question marks within me. Being an idol, my influence towards teenagers was huge. That’s why whenever I sang, whenever I gave interviews, I was very curious in order to not give the wrong type of influence. During the heights of my success, my grandfather and my father both passed away. Having to experience funerals twice in a row made me think a lot. A lot of question marks started appearing towards life as a whole. I wondered ‘is this the kind of happiness I wanted?’ and felt so empty. I was becoming more famous, I was becoming richer, but I couldn’t become happy. That’s when I realized I wasn’t happy like I was standing on stage anymore. That’s why I decided to take a rest from it.
SY: This was becoming more and more severe. The worries that I had, whenever I stood on stage, I wondered if I would become a detriment to the members.
MC: There could’ve been ways for WG fans not to misunderstand this, what was the reason for withdrawing in such an extreme manner?
SY: The word ‘Withdraw’ was misunderstood. At that time, the general public thought that WG couldn’t promote because of me and that was the misunderstanding. At that time, WG was preparing to become a band, that’s why they had the hiatus. I thought to myself, because I didn’t want to hurt the members anymore, I had to reveal my position officially. I wanted to resolve this cleanly, so I gave what the general public wanted from me
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1. As another human, I can understand her and I feel sorry…. People will never be able to express and rationalize everything they do, but for celebrities, it’s a job that makes you stand in front of the public, there will always be misunderstandings because of this. Me too, I had to send my mom away in the past, and this made me reflect on many things
2. Of course I understand her. Of course she’d be welcomed if she goes back to WG but she has a family. She wanted to have a family, that’s why she married. Why would people criticize that?
3. Even at that time, I thought that people who swore at her must’ve been crazy in their heads. I support Sunye
4. I wasn’t close with my grandma, but looking at how my grandma turned into ashes at the crematory made me question what life was about. I can understand what Sunye is saying and why she decided to go down that path
5. There are lots of idols who are married and didn’t withdraw from their groups just fine nowadays, but she had to undergo all this ordeal for having debuted a bit earlier than them… Fighting, and please promote a lot, I’ll support you
6. Is that so…. She must’ve had such a hard time. I’ve seen news about celebrities re-question their entire life after a huge accident happened, but Sunye’s grandfather and father both passed away, how much harder she must’ve suffered.. I can’t even imagine… Aigooㅠㅠ I really hope that through this broadcast, Sunye was able to resolve the misunderstanding she had with the general public and will take off some load off her shouldersㅠㅠ
7. The fact that she withdrew because of her wedding actually shows that she cares for her team no?
8. It’s not like she withdrew because of a controversy. Who cares if she keeps mentioning the group’s name?
9. I can understand her feelings too well. When she was busy with her own job, she had to send her family members away, she must’ve felt a sense of emptiness in her. She probably tried to overcome it by distracting herself with work, but feelings like that never go away…I loved WG so much and I liked Sunye the most, time passed and I will forever treasure this memory
10. I feel bad because it shows she feels regret towards the way she ended with WG

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