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But Iroaches are calling her “GAY” for her tattoo right now
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1. [+182, -10]
This is the worst tattoo I’ve seen on an idol so far, I hate this…
2. [+135, -7]
Disgusting, what is this?
3. [+130, -2]
Unrelated, but she looks f*cking pretty on that picture
4. [+63, -11]
She would be better off leaving the team and just live a free life like she always wanted to. Anyways, she’s talentless so there’s nothing stopping her. If she gives the wrong influence to her teammates, the other kids will start doing those tattoos too. And I’m not the one to judge others for their tattoos but they should at least look pretty, I really wonder how she got this idea from
5. [+56, -0]
Overseas, they call all homosexuals “Gay”. But honestly the tattoo is so so

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