[theqoo] NCT 127 ‘2 BADDIES – THE 4TH ALBUM’ MOOD SAMPLER #1 2022.09.16

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1. I’m so curious about the kind of song this will be. The beat is good💚
2. Let’s come back right nowㅠㅠ
3. The beat is good. Crazy, come 127
4. 127’s coordi is always a shame. Their pants are so weirdㅠ
5. Is the beat for the title song? Or do we not know yet?
6. My heart started racing as soon as I heard the beatㅜㅜ
7. Let’s gogogogogogoggoo!!!! 2 Baddies!!!!!!!!!!!!
8. We told you not to give that hair to Jeong Jaehyun…
9. The beat sounds good. Looking forward to it
10. First of all the song seems good. I’m curious about the full song
11. The hair… Uhm, they should’ve gave Jungwoo bangs
12. Jaehyun is the one with silver hair? It suits him

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