No but even their title track is going to be a strong concept?? Their album name is Born Pink.. Please stop with those strong concepts..
I feel like they’re all getting similar and there’s nothing novel about them
There’s nothing fresh and they’ve been obsessed with strong concepts, so much so that they just seem to be strong but don’t even look all that cool anymore. I don’t even know what their concept is anymore. This just looks like it’s roughly done and makes me wonder if this is the best they can do? I know that YG is useless but I never knew that I’d feel like BlackPink is countrified. Is the fact that the people who plan these are all middle-aged folks? What’s the problem here? The general public wants to see something new, but they just can’t fall out from their safety mannerism.
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1. [+213, -5]
What’s wrong? There’s not a single song they released that was true to their teasers aside from Lovesick Girls? And they’ve only released one teaser so far and you’re already able to predict everything they’ll do? No but you’re not even a Blink, why did you write Rose instead of Rosé in the searches?

2. [+189, -6]
Looks like BP’s antis learned the word “sense of fatigue” ever since Pink Venom era, and the best replies are kinda weird. If people’s reactions were that easy to read, then Pink Venom would’ve already fallen off the charts, but they want to listen to them, and once they start listening to their songs, they keep it on repeat, that’s why they’re still on the charts
3. [+178, -2]
Jennie said that this was a concept that they’ve never tried before and people who bought their 1st full album would know this already, but the jacket photos in the album have nothing to do with their actual title tracks. This might just be photos for their album jacket. Only Lovesick Girls was an unique case
4. [+147, -59]
They’re the same group who debuted with a sensation track like Whistle… But now, they’re always doing the exact same thing so I can already predict who will take care of whose part and what the song progression will sound like. So I have no expectations for this album… You can easily read people’s reactions, they won’t be able to hit #1 the moment they start having that countrified image. They’ll also get rid of their certified banger title
5. [+105, -37[
Maybe because they comeback so rarely that I’ve always felt like BP feels fresh, but now, I’m starting to get tired
6. [+84, -6]
Playing With Fire and Lovesick Girls were masterpiece, aren’t they going to give us those types of songs anymore? I’m still holding back and waitingㅠㅠㅠㅠ

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