Aside from Bae, none of them suit their makeup. They gave them full fuchsia lips but it’s my first time seeing a group with fuchsia lips. I’m not sure why they are killing off their visuals even when trying their best to make them pretty. I also don’t understand why they would give them makeup that’s so hard to pull off. If they are doing hard to pull off concepts, they should at least give them prettier makeupㅠㅠ To be honest, the fuchsia lips is the only thing I can see and it’s covering up all their faces
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1. [+235, -27]
Please, can we get rid of the “personal color”?;;; They have a concept so must they get makeup that matches them????
2. [+64, -11]
F*ck, at this point, their faces are carrying thisㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
3. [+42, -10]
This one was the prettiest
4. [+32, -1]
Am I the only one who finds them pretty??ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
5. [+23, 0]
Look at the background. It’s a bright background and they are wearing bold accessories and clothing. I think that their skin tones will be washed off if they wore your usual red lip here;;; I think that they matched the makeup to the concept and you’re trying too hard to hate on everything
= They have SullyoonJin, if they fail with their faces… JYP needs to close down their business
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1. [+90, -35]
I think that they are one of the most legendary visual combo of the 4th gen
2. [+71, -73]
They already failed so what are you saying? If you look at the amount of pre-orders they have right now, you can get a sense of how severe it is… nowadays, there are a lot of groups that are doing well so who even cares about NMIXX? JYP already ruined them
3. [+63, -11]
I watched their live and they are f*cking good…
4. [+42, -6]
Fact: even ASTRO has Cha Eunwoo but they failed
5. [+24, -8]
But these two have way too many faces to carry
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1. The color scheme is pretty and I’m looking forward to the song
2. Wow they are freaking pretty…
3. Why does JYP always look so outdated…?
4. The set and color scheme are seriously ㅠㅠ The other teasers were pretty though
5. So they are not going for that movie concept they had?
6. Are they going for retro??!
7. The color scheme is bold. I’m looking forward to it
8. Sullyoon as the center looks safe
9. Wow no but how does none of the members match the tone here..
10. I like the color scheme. Jinni matches it

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