[enter-talk] V’S FACE ON INSTA

I don’t think that he posed for the picture. His face must be crazy
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1. [+103, -38]

V is the handsomest
2. [+98, -35]
There’s seriously a reason why he’s the top. He’s freaking handsome
3. [+93, -30]
Being handsome is a sin
4. [+38, -3]
Even so, he’s Jennie’s
5. [+35, -1]
Was this picture in the featured talks yesterday? I got reminded of it
(“Wow f*ck..! Thank you!”)

6. [+33, -10]

He looks chunku. What pose is this?

7. [+33, -7]

He’s handsome, has a nice personality and is living a cool life. His nickname is Myung-dong-young (T/N: face is a masterpiece, personality is a fairy tale, life is a movie)ㅋ

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