A few members must be personally close with them
Taeyang on RM’s Insta
GD taking a picture together with J-Hope
J-Hope liked the picture
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1. [+286, -64]
Only V won’t be able to be close with themㅠㅠㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
2. [+212, 124]
Huh? But V’s current girlfriend is Jennie and J-Hope is close to V’s ex? Isn’t this crazy??
3. [+179, -200]
Bangtan, run away. Don’t get close to them
4. [+78, -94]
I’m an ARMY and aside from Taeyang, I wish they wouldn’t be close to them. I hope they ran into each other by accident
5. [+71, -12]
GD and J-Hope went to Tom Sachs’ exibition together so I think they became close afterwards. The one on the front is GD and the one on the left is J-Hopeㅇㅇ Even so, I still find it fascinating..
6. [+61, -84]
Hob-ah, GD is not it
7. [+57, -19]
Why can’t Bangtan be close to Big Bang if V and Jennie are dating? GD is famous for being the king of connections so V must have that much restrictions. He got into a transfer relationship so I have nothing to say
8. [+47, -50]
I f*cking hate this. Just thinking that they may be tainted by them makes me scared

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