F*ck, isn’t this crazy?… I freaking like this
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They said that he was the male celebrity with the most solo cover.. but Kai is seriously so good…

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Kai has this much ongoing model contracts right now. He’s f*cking successful

(Luxury clothing brand: Gucci

Luxury beauty brand: Yves Saint-Laurent Beauty
Outdoor brand: Black Yak, BCC
Mask brand: Charmzone
Drugstore: Olive Young
He’s just taking over every category)
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There’s no way Gucci wouldn’t love him Seems like YSL has also started to love him

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Dazed maxed out on their perv-skills with the photo with the ice cube… For real, this is highly stimulating. Are they just trying to show off Kai’s face?ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ he has 4 covers but all of them have different vibes and diversified poses. He’s totally good

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