They really went to the club? I heard they went to the US, but they’ve been quieter than I thought so I don’t know if this is real.

I’m not writing this to swear at them
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They’re legendary in terms of controversies for male idols, they’re the legendary quiet ones
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They were drinking quietly and the man went on top of a woman’s body and started twerking, they saw that and got shocked. They would’ve went and saved the girl if she was forced to do it so they asked the girl whether she was okay with it and they took the picture
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Is this what you’re talking about?
“Why would Kim Mingyu hit someone’s butt? Why is this important? He hasn’t even stopped self-quarantining for long and he’s already there with Scoups 12 hours before their concert looking for clubs to go ㅋㅋ The fans are all worried about their schedules but turns out they’re not even at bars but clubsㅋㅋ”
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They really live a comfortable life
[Exclusive] “Things revealed through PD’s Note”… Dokyum purchased a building worth 6.8 billion at Shinsadong, gets wrapped up in a severe controversy”
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That idol is going on international tour, catching covid and sitting out of the concert just to get witnessed at a club the moment he’s off quarantining, isn’t this considered a controversy? There’s even pictures of it. If this was another group, they would’ve been at the top of the trending page now for fooling the fans, but I’m shocked to see how quiet Pann is towards this group

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