What “empty stage”? Sigh
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And this despite the fact that everyone is busy with Chuseok long holiday and that they rushed this one, this is considered very well filled
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People were claiming that their concert would be empty because they went from selling out Gocheok -> cancelling their show and grabbing Olympic Stadium last minute, but now this is all meaningless if you try to mock themㅋㅋㅋ They had an even bigger audience than Gocheok
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Even though it wasn’t sold out, they filled 20K seats, and you call that empty…?
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They filled all 3 floors and there are barely any singers in the past who were able to fill all 3 floors..
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The reality
“There are 14000 seats left on the 3rd floor of Dream Show, but in the end, they said that these seats weren’t on sale and they closed off for only the front seats… Looks like they only wanted to fill the front. Aside from the middle, they closed off all the the seats f*ck. Did they even expect that many seats to be leftover on the 3rd floor?”
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It’s true that it was empty

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