The reason why I’m asking: nowadays, my bias is winter
The fans will view her prettily no matter what hairstyle she has
So I want to know what muggles(?) think is her prettiest hair when she has long hair
1. Just hair down
2. Ponytail
3. Pigtails
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1. 11111
2. It has to be 1
3. 3
4. She gives off a different vibe depending on her hair color
> She kinda looks more elegant with the red hair down so it freaking suits her but the blonde pigtails are also cute
5. They all look more or less tha same on her
6. Winter always looks legendary in pigtails but she’s pretty in all of them… but the issue is more that they are bad with the hair styling
7. Overall, she looks the prettiest with a ponytail
8. She looks different in every gif but the top gifs are pretty for 1-2 and the lower gif is prettier for 3
9. 22 I was in awe staring at her
10. Ponytail is the most my style

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