Will BTS go to the army as an active duty soldier?
Although the controversy over the military service issue of BTS, which are recognized as global stars, has been going on for several years, the answer to this question is still uncertain. Politicians and the relevant ministries such as the Ministry of National Defense, the Military Manpower Administration, and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism are pouring out many words and suggestions, but nothing has been decided. Jin (30), the eldest of BTS, has to enter the Nonsan Training Center after 113 days at the latest, as this is the last year he can postpone his enlistment. We examined the issues surrounding the BTS military service issue.
① Will 30-year-old Jin enlist in the military this year? Or postponing enlistment until the age of 33?
According to the current military service law, Jin, who was born on December 4, 1992, must enlist within this year when he turns 30. Until now, according to the Military Service Act amended in November 2020, [Jin’s] military conscription or convocation has been postponed for being an ‘Excellent person in the field of popular culture and arts’ (2018 Hwagwan Order of Cultural Merit). Prior to that, he had been promoting while delaying his enlistment to go to graduate school.
The variable is the amendment to the Military Service Act proposed by 10 people including Rep. Lee Yong-ho of People’s Party on the 31st of last month. It is a plan to increase the age limit for deferring military service, such as enlistment, to the age of 33, but if this amendment is passed, Jin will have three more years. However, as the National Assembly National Defense Committee review process has not yet started, it is unclear whether the review will be possible in the second half of the year, since the previous one started on the 1st of last month. Last year alone, a bill to amend the Military Service Act to incorporate pop culture artists into ‘arts and sports personnel’ was proposed three times in June, August and October.
② If BTS goes to the military, will we still be able to see their performances?

On the 1st, Minister of National Defense Lee Jong-seop said in a work report to the National Assembly, “I think that (BTS) can serve the military but give them time to practice and perform abroad.”

Minister Lee said, “As a result of the review by the Ministry of Defense, we can allow them to continue performing in the national interest and to the extent that they do not disturb principled issues such as fairness and equity and reduction of military service resources.” If there is a performance schedule, I think there is a way to let them go abroad and perform together.” “Since many people highly value their service in the military, it could be helpful to their popularity. will,”. ” The Ministry of National Defense also said, “It was a general explanation that if you apply for the selection of military band members or creative musicals in the military, you can participate in events, etc.” was ambiguous
After all, if BTS enlists in the military, the only way civilians can see BTS is to see them act as military musical actors or military band members at national events. As with other idol groups, it is impossible for members of the military status to participate in performances by members who have not enlisted.
③ What about public opinion polls? Results vary depending on the research institute and the question
The most controversial part about the issue of BTS’ military service is whether they are subject to social service like art or sports personnel, so-called “military service exceptions“. People who have achieved great achievements in the arts and sports world are transferred to social service personnel, not active duty soldiers, and perform military service in places other than military units. However, as BTS won several awards at global awards ceremonies, the argument that ‘popular artists should also be classified as art and sports personnel if they achieve great achievements’ grew, sparking controversy.
In the National Assembly, regardless of the opposition, there was a saying, ‘Let’s conduct an opinion poll to reach a social consensus on the issue of BTS’ military service’. At the National Assembly Defense Committee plenary meeting on the 31st of last month, Minister of National Defense Lee Jong-seop said, “I told you to set a deadline and draw a conclusion, and to promptly conduct the poll. ”, but later explained through data, “The remarks of ‘instructing public opinion polls’ are not to promptly conduct a public opinion poll, but rather to review the necessity and relevant details.”
On the 7th, in a survey conducted by Chowon C&I, a polling company specializing in opinion polls (September 4, targeting 1001 people), 54.1% answered that ‘BTS should fulfill their military service obligations’, and ‘special benefits should be given to military service’ on the 7th. ‘ was 40.1% of the responses. On the other hand, in a survey conducted by Real Meter, a polling company on the 8th, commissioned by the Internet Media Media Tribune (September 3-6, for 2,000 people), 67.5% of respondents answered “agree” to the question of whether they would agree to “transition BTS to alternative service”. , the ‘disagree’ was 31.3%.
④ Busan city who named BTS the Expo ambassadors and who will hold their free performance
BTS, who are currently promoting their solo activities, are scheduled to perform their first team concert in 6 months at the Busan Asiad Main Stadium on the 15th of next month. This is a free performance to support Busan, which is running to host the 2030 Expo. With 50,000 seats, live play at Busan Port, and online streaming around the world, it also aimed to engender its promotions overseas.
Busan, which is competing with Rome in Italy, Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, and Odessa in Ukraine, is eager to promote ahead of due diligence early next year and the final venue decision at the end of next year. The city of Busan, which signed an MOU with BTS’ agency on June for cooperation in attracting the 2030 Busan Expo, announced BTS as a public relations ambassador and announced that it would conduct publicity activities in the field of due diligence at the beginning of next year and the final PT at the end of next year.
Busan Mayor Park Hyung-joon said after announcing the news of BTS’ concert, his wish for the Busan Expo, “I suggested BTS’ alternative service to the presidential office for promotional activities”, but there has been no response from the presidential office yet. However, the Ministry of National Defense explained, “Even within the current military system, permission is available for overseas activities of general soldiers to promote national interests.”
⑤ Ministry of National Defense “Reviewing various matters, will express position before December”
Everyone, including the Ministry of National Defense, is reluctant to comment directly on the issue of military service, which is the most sensitive issue in a country where military service is mandatory for all adult men by law. In the case of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, former Minister Hwang Hee said in his retirement speech in May, “It may be unfair that cultural artists are already given special military service, but pop culture artists are not given opportunities.” However, at present, “the issue of military service is a sacred duty, BTS has promoted Korea’s K-culture worldwide and has overwhelmingly elevated the Korean brand, and we need to think about the issue of equity between the basic art field and popular art.” There is no official plan to collect opinions or polls on equity between the basic art world and the popular art world.
HYBE, BTS’ agency, is also watching the progress of the discussion, saying, “There is no change from the position of when we appealed for ‘resolving uncertainty’ (of the military service issue) in April.”
The Ministry of National Defense, holding the key, said, “In terms of the fairness of military service, it is necessary to carefully review the expansion of special military service.”
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1. I was wondering when he will be serving and seems like there are still a lot of days left. If only one of them would enlist, it would become more quietㅋㅋ
2. They will all enlist so who cares?
3. Celebrities do get to enlist at a more comfortable time than commonersㅎ
4. Of course they will enlist when the time comes. What’s the point of articles like these?
5. Why are they like that… just how old are they already…
6. But celebrities always push their enlistment date as far as they can. Reading articles like these just piss me off
7. They are not even my bias but I’m so fed up of this talk. Telling other idols to enlist faster when they have 1 year or 190 days left or asking them why they aren’t enlisting yet.. Will you have it better if they enlist? O’m so tired
8. Just enlist already. I’m so tired of this
9. I looked him up and he’s turning 31 this year? If he thinks about his own stamina and strength, he should enlist at the latest in his early 30’s. The training programs are made for kids in their early 20’s…
10. Their company can’t let go of their greed and is just making Bangtan receive unnecessary hate..

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